15 Cute Free Crochet Keychain Patterns

Crochet keychains are fun, quick and cute! They’re a great way to add some charm and personality to your keys or bag and make great gifts.

From adorable animals to kawaii food, this collection of crochet keychain patterns is sure to delight.

Collage of crochet keychains - cupcakes, watermelon slices, ice cream and sunflowers.

The sky is the the limit when it comes to crochet keychains. Any small amigurumi or crochet project can be turned into a keychain simply by adding a keyring.

Why Should You Crochet Keychains?

  • Quick and easy. Keychains are small projects that can be completed relatively quickly, making them perfect for beginners or crocheters looking for instant gratification.
  • Fun and functional. Crochet keychains are not only fun to make but they’re practical as well. Adding a cute keychain to your keys is sure to make you smile and make them harder to lose.
  • Scrap buster. Crocheting keychains is a great way to use up leftover yarn from other projects.
  • Unique gifts. With so much variety and room for customisation, crochet keychains make wonderful gifts.
  • Learn new techniques. Crochet keychains are the perfect bite sized project for practicing new skills.
  • Marketable items. If you enjoy selling your crochet creations, keychains are a popular choice at craft fairs and markets. They generally have a lower price point which makes them affordable and more appealing to a wider audience.
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Why You’ll Love These Crochet Keychain Patterns

  • Beginner friendly: Fun for practicing basic stitches and techniques.
  • Scrap buster: Great for using up leftover yarn.
  • Quick & easy: Perfect for those with time constraints who are looking for a quick crochet fix.

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15 Crochet Keychain Patterns

Check out these free crochet keychain patterns and find your next project!

Supplies You’ll Need to Make Crochet Keychains

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Other materials and notions such as: safety eyes, polyester fiberfill, embroidery thread, keychain, stitch marker, yarn needle, scissors, etc

Always check your pattern before getting started for specific requirements.

What is the Best Yarn for Crochet Keychains?

You can use any yarn that you have on hand. My personal preference is cotton as it’s a bit more durable compared to other yarns.

Yarn weight should also be taken into consideration when choosing yarn as it will effect the size of your finished keychain.

Since keychains are typically small, you may want to choose a thinner yarn or stick to what’s recommended in the pattern.

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Pinterest image, text reads: "15 Free keychain crochet patterns, www.stitchbyfay.com."

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