35 Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

Crochet coasters are a fun portable project that you can work on anytime, anywhere. They’re perfect for stash busting and make great gifts.

From simple shapes to whimsical mushrooms and flowers, you’ll find endless possibilities in this collection of 35 free crochet coaster patterns.

I love making coasters when I need a break from amigurumi – they’re quick, easy and cute! You can make them as simple or as intricate as you like and with endless colour combinations, they never get boring.

How to Crochet a Coaster

There are several ways to crochet a coaster.

  • In the round: working in a continuous spiral or joined rounds to create a circle.
  • In rows: working back and forth in rows starting with a foundation chain to create a square.

In addition to these, there are uniquely shaped coasters such as: animals, flowers, household objects or other motifs, which may have a different construction.

Granny squares or C2C squares (corner to corner) also make wonderful coasters.

Why Should You Crochet Coasters

There are many benefits to crocheting coasters whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced crocheter.

  • Personalisation. Making your own coasters allows you to choose patterns and colours that compliment your home and style.
  • Unique gifts. Handmade coasters make a thoughtful gift that can be tailored to suit the recipient’s tastes.
  • Beginner friendly. Crochet coasters are the perfect bite sized project for learning and practicing new crochet stitches and techniques.
  • Stash busting. Crochet coasters are small projects which makes them perfect for using up leftover yarn.
  • Protect your furniture. The main function of a coaster is to protect your furniture from spills and stains. Crochet coasters are just as effective as store-bought coasters.
  • Eco-friendly. Making your own coasters allows you to choose eco-friendly materials.

Supplies You’ll Need to Make Crochet Coasters

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Notions (stitch marker, yarn needle, scissors, etc)

Always check your pattern before getting started for specific requirements.

What is the Best Yarn for Crochet Coasters

When choosing yarn, it’s important to take into consideration how the coaster will be used.

Cotton yarn is generally best for crochet coasters as it’s durable, absorbent, holds up well to heat and is easy to wash.

Another popular option is acrylic yarn. However, acrylic doesn’t stand up to higher temperatures so is best suited for cold or room temperature drinks.

Why You’ll Love These Crochet Coaster Patterns

  • Beginner friendly: Fun for practicing basic stitches and techniques.
  • Scrap buster: Great for using up leftover yarn.
  • Quick & easy: Perfect for those with time constraints who are looking for a quick crochet fix.

More Patterns

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35 Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

Easy Crochet Coasters for Beginners

These simple coasters are perfect for practising basic stitches and techniques.

Round Coasters

Round coasters are a classic but you can still have fun with them by trying different borders, colours or adding fringe.

Square Coasters

Square coasters are super versatile. They’re great for trying out different stitches as well as fun colourwork.

Flower Coasters

Flowers are always a winner. You can achieve different looks to suit your style simply by changing the colours. Go bold with bright colours, add softness with pastels or keep it simple with solids.

Unique and Seasonal Coasters

Whether you’re looking for something different or preparing for a specific holiday/season, these coasters would make a fun addition to your decor.

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