30 Free No-Sew Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi are so much fun to make and it’s even better when they’re no-sew! In this post we’re sharing 30 of our favourite no-sew amigurumi crochet patterns.

Five photo collage depicting a crochet cupcake, crochet crayons, a crochet daisy and crochet peep/bunny.

I must admit that sewing is my least favourite part of making amigurumi and I know many of you aren’t fans of it either, so I’m extra excited about this collection of no-sew patterns. Your next project could be on this list.

What Crochet Supplies Do You Need to Make No-Sew Amigurumi?

Here are some supplies that you might need in order to crochet no-sew amigurumi (always check your pattern for specifics):

  • Yarn – different patterns will call for different weights and types of yarn (check your pattern to see what specific yarn is needed).
  • Crochet hook/s – larger hooks are best for bulkier yarns and smaller hooks for finer yarns (check your pattern for the suggested hook size).
  • A yarn needle, stitch marker and scissors.
  • Safety eyes depending on what you’re making (check pattern for size).
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Other materials such as embroidery floss, floral wire, thin card, etc.

Can Beginners Crochet No-Sew Amigurumi?

The short answer is, yes, there are lots of beginner friendly no-sew amigurumi patterns, some of which are included in this list.

However, no-sew doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Sometimes there are advanced stitches used or extra steps to take in order to make it no-sew.

I always recommend taking a minute to read through the abbreviations list and pattern instructions first so you can get a better idea of what’s required and the stitches used.

More Patterns

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30 Free No-Sew Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Check out these free no-sew amigurumi patterns and find your next project!

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I hope you enjoyed this collection of free no-sew amigurumi crochet patterns as much as I loved putting it together.

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