V-Stitch vs X-Stitch Single Crochet

Did you know that there are actually two ways to make a single crochet? If you are new to amigurumi or crochet in general, you may not know the difference between the two and why you would use one over the other. In this post I’ll explain the differences between the V-Stitch and the X-Stitch single crochet variation.

Single crochet variation. V-Stitch vs X-Stitch

Mostly it comes down to personal preference. A traditional single crochet gives you a v-shaped stitch whereas the modern variation gives you an x-shaped stitch and you may just prefer the look of one stitch over the other. However, there is another reason to use the x-stitch variation.

Crochet V-Stitch
Crochet X-Stitch

The x-stitch creates a slightly tighter stitch which can help prevent any gaps. This makes it a popular choice for amigurumi especially if you have loose tension. It’s made by changing your first yarn over to a yarn under. It can feel incredibly awkward at first but it does get easier once you get into the rhythm of it.

Here’s what the written instructions would look like:

Insert hook into next stitch, yarn under and pull through (2 loops on hook). Yarn over and pull through both loops.

I have tight tension so I generally prefer to use a regular single crochet stitch. However, I love the x-stitch when working with acrylic yarn.

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