On My Hook: Howl the littlest Ghost

On My Hook is a segment where I feature a free pattern that is either currently on my hook or recently finished, as a way to inspire you and support other designers.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while then you may already know about how much I love this pattern. It’s my go to pattern for Halloween as it’s so quick to make and most important of all, it’s cute. Like ridiculously cute.

Last year I added keychains and made a few for my son to give to his friends for Halloween, they were a hit!

I don’t tend to make the same thing more than once (I get bored easily) but I keep on coming back to this pattern every year and love it just as much as the first time I made it. It’s also a no-sew pattern which is a huge draw card for me as sewing is my least favourite part of making amigurumi.

The free pattern is by the lovely Tiffany and can be found on her blog Cafe del Craft.

So why not throw on a Halloween movie and get started on your very own ghost army. I’m tempted to make a bunch and leave them out for any potential trick or treaters as they’re a great alternative to candy.

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