How to Close Amigurumi

When you’re making a stuffed piece (like a head) you’ll often be left with a small hole after the final round usually consisting of 6 stitches. Most patterns don’t specify what to do beyond ‘fasten off’ so I’m going to show you how to easily close up your piece in a few simple steps.

Start by cutting the working yarn leaving a tail of about 6 inches for closing up the hole. Pull the cut end through your last stitch and thread onto a darning needle.

Insert the needle through the front loop only of the first stitch of the last round, from the outside to the inside. Repeat in each stitch around.

Gently pull on the yarn tail to close the hole. I like to place my thumb over the hole while I do this and pull in the direction that the yarn tail is going.

To finish, insert the needle through the center of the hole that we just closed up and pull it through at a different place in the piece.

Pull the yarn tail slightly so it’s taut, before cutting it off close to the surface. The cut end should retract back into the piece.

It’s as simple as that! I love a good finishing technique as it can really take a project to the next level.

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