On my Hook: Easy and Quick Fingerless Gloves

I was in need of a really quick birthday gift when I stumbled upon this fantastic Easy and Quick Fingerless Gloves pattern from the blog Prims -N- Stitches. It really is exactly what it says it is. Easy? Check. Quick? Check. Pretty much the perfect project.

I have very tight tension so I did struggle a bit with sizing even though the dimensions of my first pair of finished gloves matched the finished measurements of the pattern. I was able to easily fix this by going up a full hook size and it just means that my son gets a pair too which he’s excited about.

I love the camel stitch detailing above the cuff and the cute little buttons. The buttons actually help you to tell left from right so that the seam is always hidden on the palm of your hand. I wanted some natural looking wooden buttons and I love how they take the gloves to the next level. It’s all in the details.

I’m currently working on a pair in variegated yarn to see how they look as it’s a good way to make a fun looking pair of gloves without any extra effort. I’m on the fence as to whether a button will look good on this pair as there’s already so much going on.

I’m definitely going to be making many more of these gloves in ALL the colours and I’m so glad that I happened upon this pattern (thank you Pinterest). The simple stitches make it perfect for a lazy night in front of the TV. Got to love projects like that.