On my Hook: 12 Point Star Blanket

I thought it would be fun to do a post every now and then sharing what’s currently on my hook and showcasing some amazing free patterns and talented designers. Support comes in many forms and this is my way of saying thank you while also hopefully inspiring some of you.

I want to start off by saying that I am not a blanket crocheter. I’m actually really intimidated by them because of my lack of experience and while they’re not my strong suit I find them incredibly calming to make (even when they take me years to finish). I often joke that I’m a collector of blanket wips (work in progress) as I usually have a couple on the go but when it comes to amigurumi I’m strictly a one project girl.

My blanket pattern of choice is the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young or as I like to refer to it the 12 Point Star Blanket. I’ve tried quite a few different patterns and this one works for me every time so I keep coming back to it. I enjoy working in rounds rather than rows and it feels like the blanket works up so much faster.

Once you get past the beginning rounds it’s an extremely easy pattern repeat and I like to make it even easier by using Caron Cakes. I love how this yarn looks with this particular pattern and you get loads of fun colour without lots of ends to weave in. It’s also great motivation to keep going just to get to the next colour change. The colour changes do get a bit choppy as the blanket gets bigger but it just adds to the charm and let’s face it, once you’re snuggled up under it no one’s even going to notice.

Choosing the colourway I wanted was probably the hardest part about this project. I eventually settled on Turkish Delight as I wanted more muted tones and a grown up feel to it as it will be taking up residence in the lounge.

This yarn had been sitting in my stash for a few years until I finally started work on this project in October of last year. I lost my motivation over the Summer but now that Winter is here in full force I’ve picked it back up again. There’s just something so cozy and comforting about snuggling up under it as I work.

I like to use two Caron Cakes for a baby blanket and four cakes for a lapghan. My preferred method of attaching a new cake is the magic join which leaves me with just two ends to weave in when I’m done, seriously life changing. This blanket has a wonderful drape to it but because of it’s shape I would definitely recommend blocking it just to even everything out and make the points nice and crisp.

Do let me know if you’ve made one or plan on giving it a try.