Crochet Basics: Chain Stitch

Aside from the slip knot, chain stitches are often the first step in many crochet patterns. They form the foundation on which to build the rest of your project. The chain stitch is a simple stitch to learn but finding the correct tension can take some practice.


Refer to Crochet Basics: Tools, Tension & Technique for the two most common ways of holding your crochet hook. Remember that this is just a guide and there really is no right or wrong way to crochet.

Below is a demonstration of how I hold my yarn. This takes some practice and it’s important to experiment and find what works best for you.

First, make a slip knot.

Holding your hook with the slip knot on it, drape the yarn coming from the ball over the back of your left hand just above your knuckles. Wrap the yarn around your hand and use your last three fingers to secure. The yarn then feeds up between your index and middle finger.

Once you’ve decided on how you want to hold your hook and yarn, it’s time to start chaining.


Place the index finger of your right hand on top of the slip knot to prevent it from sliding too far down your hook and secure the yarn tail between the thumb and index finger of your left hand.

Yarn over by wrapping the yarn from back to front around your hook. Draw the yarn through the slip knot on your hook. First chain complete.

Practice chaining using the above steps until you develop a comfortable rhythm and even tension. Practice makes perfect.